Our Story

About Mom (Jo Lee)

Jo Lee (mom) was a stay at home mother of four.  She has loved to sew for 35 years, including sewing clothes for her children when they were young.  She enjoys simplicity and loves her family and God.

About Dana (Dana Jo)

Dana worked in Sales & Customer Service prior to the birth of her second child. Now is a stay at home mother of three busy boys. Dana loves to be around people, loves fashion & style (clothes, shoes, jewelry and yes, HANDBAGS!!) but most importantly loves her family and God.

About jo jada

jo jada started in December of 2007 in a very small bedroom in Mom’s house. Dana’s two oldest boys would stand over her mom watching her sew. The business then grew larger and was moved into the basement.  jo jada has now grown into a building located in Howe, Indiana. Our seamstresses (Including a few Amish women) work in the comfort of their own homes creating your perfect bag.

Where does the name jo jada come from?

  • Both mom and daughter  have Jo in their names. Jada is a combination of their initials

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Our uniqueness is that you design pretty much everything on your handbag

How do you name your bags?

  • Each of our handbags are named after a person that has touched our lives and remains close to our hearts
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