Handbags and What They Reveal About Your Personality

You know that you love your handbag, but what exactly does it reveal about your personality?      Here is a listing of handbag design and what they reveal about you!

  • Clutch – The clutch handbag is usually slim and elegant. Descretion is the keyword for this    & personality type!
  • Shoulder Bag – This bag usually has a long strap that is slipped over the shoulder allowing the wearer to get in and out of the handbag easily. This is the purse of choice for those on the go and woman who is ready to get down to business!
  • Duffle – The duffle bag was orginally a sports bag and could accomodate a change of clothes, balls, etc. the bag is for the woman that needs everything with her, but wants it to be secure.
  • Designer Bag –  The designer bag shows that you have money and don’t mind spending it! The woman who carried this bag can take on the persona of the designer, becoming a rock star or a fashion model!
  • Bucket Bag – This  is the bag for the multi-tasker who carried lots of goodies. It shows that the bearer is practical.
  • Backpack Bag  – This accessory allows weight to be distributed more evenly and is for the woman who is ready to take on the world!

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